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Work process for creating fascia and soffits

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I am wondering if someone knows of a quick/accurate way of creating fascia and soffits.

I know how to use the creation feature in the roof tool. That will not apply well to multiple level and complex roofs (which are typical). I have been trying to extrude polygons but I have spent way too much time on facias and soffits

(I do fumble around in the 3D drawing mode, maybe that is my problem). To draw 3D polygon and extrude, is it best to move the working plane and work from there? (that is not very quick) The available instructions don't go in to very much detail.

Should I draw in a vertical plane and extrude horizontal? or draw horizontal and extrude vertical?

I need the fascia and soffits to be drawn accurately for elevations, sections, and details (I am hanging on to the belief of making the model correct, and not re-detailing on sheets)

Thanks for any help.

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Quick and accurate roof systems are best done through a combination of AEC roof planes and solids.

First is to build the basic roof with the roof plane tool where you will get the roof model accurate. Each individual plane will have its corresponding fascia set at the depth you wish for the thickness of the roof. This however is not the thickness you will want in order to frame the roof properly as the fascia thickness is usually smaller than the actual framing.

Once the roof perimeter is complete you can draw with a 3D plane using the fascia and top of walls the soffit solid to enclose the structure.

Go to the following threads...

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Creating roof valley lines with dual pitches

Extremely complex roof designs are very possible with VW and only need imagination to unlock the potential.

Pete A

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The defaults are hard coded....so you have to make the tool work for you with the way it is configured. I have not found it to be in need of any parameter change. What is it that you would like the roof face tool to do...maybe it could be a wish list item sent to VW developers.

Pete A

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a quick way to get the roof started is to use the standard VectorWorks roof, then upgroup it. This will break the roof up into a bunch of roof faces that you can edit to suit your situation.

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