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vw2008 text disappearing from textbox - help newbie please


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I have just bought VW2008 and trying to get to grips with it - thought I was doing ok, but then if I create a textbox and put in some text, as soon as I click anywhere else, the text disappears. Lecturers on my archtectural course, who are familiar with Vectorworks but not this version are flumoxed. Does anyone know anything about this? please many thanks

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I'm a long time user and I've been having this problem too with VW2008. When I move a text box it disappears until I double press "z". If I quit VW and reopen it, the problem goes away for about an hour or so, and I restart again. I think this is definitely a bug that needs addressing. Please also see my posting on other problems moving objects.

I use VW2008 on a Dual 2 GHz Power PC G5 running OSX 10.4.11

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On another note, I have also figured that it was a case of missing fonts. Use a generic font (such as Arial or Helvetica) that is universal. Two out of the three computers having this problem was resolved by merely changing their fonts.

The reason I surmized was because the fonts were not installed on the computer, yet VW somehow listed them.

Don't know why, don't ask me. It just worked when they changed the default font to Arial.

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