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Dimensions vanished

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In the middle of a home design project today the dimensions vanished, and the dimensioning tool stopped working for my current file. When I try to create a dimension with None Class and Mod-Guidelines Layer active, nothing appears on screen in my drawing; but if I change from the None Class to Dimension Class, the dimension and markers are there. In my other files, dimensioning works normally, so what have I done wrong to disable this for a single file?

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You've probably either set the Class Options to 'Active Only', or else you've set the Dimension class to invisible. The Class Options submenu in the Organize menu will let you choose a different mode - try Show/Snap/Modify Others. The Classes... menu item just below that will let you set the visibility for any particular class.

Dimensions are automatically put in the Dimension class. If that class is set to invisible, or if you've got Active Only selected for the Class Options and some class (like None) is the active class, all your dimensions will be hidden and any new ones that you draw will disappear immediately.

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