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Dave Donley

Maxwell render materials library can be used for RW textures

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Register for free and try downloading some of these materials. Most involve color, reflectivity, transparency mask, and bump image files that can be imported into VW/RW for image color, image reflectivity, mask transparency, and image bump shaders. Most are very nice quality images!


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Do you know any other library that you could find materials for renderworks?

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Can you import the actual material .rar file on RW?

No. The .RAR file is just a compressed file, it is not the actual Maxwell Render material file.

Expand the .RAR (or .ZIP) file and inside will be the separate .JPG or .PNG image files that you can repurpose for use in RW in the diffuse, bump, specular and displacement shader channels. You'll have to figure out which image file goes in which shader channel.

On Mac OS you can expand .RAR files with the freeware UnRarX

The .MXM file inside the .RAR file is the actual Maxwell Render material file; You can't use the .MXM file in Vw so you can throw it away.

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I see that Maxwell works with ArchiCAD and Cinema4D - does it allay with VectorWorks?

What would be the workflow ?

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There is no Maxwell plugin for Vw like there is for ArchiCad & Cinema4D. A plug-in has been Wish-listed previously (about 4 years ago).


See the following thread for a Vw -> Maxwell Studio workflow:



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Man- it really feels as if .VWX is being left behind on many fronts :(

Thank you

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