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Problems with the serial key on MAC



I have installed VW 2008 (apparently) on a MacBook Pro of a student and it says that it needs a new serial number. I enter the serial number and it says that it still needs one, so I go through a never ending loops.

It won't allow the name of the user, the company, or the serial key to remain. It erases it and asks for the details again and again and again. I checked the file net.nemetschek.vectorworks.plist in the /username/Library/Preferences folder and it has the information in there.

Please help.

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Hi, sorry to bring this back up, but I contacted someone but they have not yet got back to me. I am therefore going to BUMP this to see if anyone else can answer my questions.

First off, when I launch VectorWorks 2008, I get this annoying message:


After which, I then click the OK button, and I reach this place:


I type in the serial number (which works fine):


Then this page appears. Because I can see the two at the side I know that this is a valid serial number:


I press OK and I get this message:


Which brings be back to this place:


Then I can keep going on in an endless loop.

The person is running Mac OSX 10.4.11 on a MacBook Pro. She is the only one with this problem.

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