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Continued...Vectorworks Application Has Stopped Working

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update to problem:

I have a student verison of Vectorworks 12 and it won't let me open my files or the program. When I try to open either a file or the program, a browser pops up that says "Vectorworks Application has Stopped Working." I have my Vectorworks dongle and have been using this program for several months without any errors. The program has been working well for the last two month's I've had it on this computer.

I have already tried restarting, turning off the computer, and taking out the dongle and putting it back in.

This happened a few times on my old computer, and I had to reinstall the program with the installation CD. I've now tried reinstalling on this computer and it doesn't work. Any suggestions? Please Help!!!! (My OS is Windows Vista for home.)

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"Vectorworks Application has Stopped Working."

It really turns people off when you SHOUT

Now how the hell are we supposed to know whats wrong with your computer ?

Have you called Tech Support ? Have you checked your Crash Logs?

Have you performed OS maintenance recently ? Did you break up with your girl friend ?

Do you have any enemies ?

The point being that there can be any number of reasons for your specific problem

and we need information from you if we are to assist in finding a solution.

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I just wanted to say that you need to relax. I wasn't shouting at all, I was just typing and used larger fonts to emphasize that I was asking for help. Using all caps when typing indicates yelling, not larger fonts. And the fact that you ask "how the **** are we supposed to know what's wrong with your computer?" I thought that this forum was to see what other people know.

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There are many users here who would be glad to help you, but I think you appear to be the one in need of a little relaxation.

The post above sure looked like shouting to me and starting multiple threads with the same question doesn't help either.

I'd suggest giving as much detail about your set up & the problem as possible if you expect anyone to pay attention.

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