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text rotation during printing

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Text that is rotated tries to default back to a standard view while printing. This occurs whether I am creating a PDF,Plotted, or letter-size laser print. I have resigned myself to only using text that is not rotated, but it is becoming more and more of a challenge. I am on a G4/350 running the 8.5.2 version. Any thoughts?

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Maybe not the same thing but I?ve had problems with printing rotated text blocks containing multiple lines on various printers.

This might be a printer driver issue but most likely VW is a bit buggy in its text handling.

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I downloaded and installed the ATM you spoke of prior to my initial posting. The glitch appears whether I have one,two, or three lines of text. As far as print drivers, doesn't matter if I am printing to a HP Deskjet 882c, a 5SI, or a Calcomp 1025 pen plotter using MacPlot software. I just can't figure out how to appease the text gods.....

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