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Getting extrusion value

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Hi all,

Is it possible to get the extrusion value of an extruded object in VectorScript?

I have checked the VectorScript Reference but found nothing appropriate.

Thanks for your help!

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Maybe the combination of Get3DOrientation, Get3DInfo and Set3DRot would work?

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Your suggestion has been the key! Thank you!

Here's a procedure to increase all the extruded object in a selection of a user given value:

[font:Courier New]procedure increaseExtr;

{the goal is to increase extruded objects in the selection of a user requested value}



increaseValue : REAL;




xRot, yRot, zRot:REAL;

p0X, p0Y, p0Z: REAL;

p1X, p1Y, p1Z: REAL;

result, isMirroredXY: BOOLEAN;


{check if the obj is an extrusion}

if (GetType(h) = 24) then


result := Get3DOrientation(h, xRot, yRot, zRot, isMirroredXY);

Get3DCntr(h, p0X, p0Y, p0Z);

SetRot3D(h, 0,0,0 , 0,0,0);

{here depth = extrusion value}

Get3DInfo(h, height,width,depth);

{I increase the depth}

Set3DInfo(h, height,width,depth+increaseValue);

Set3DRot(h, xRot, yRot, zRot , 0,0,0);

Get3DCntr(h, p1X, p1Y, p1Z);

{move of the misplacement p0-p1}

Move3DObj(h, p0X-p1X, p0Y-p1Y, p0Z-p1Z);

Get3DCntr(h, p1X, p1Y, p1Z);


increase := FALSE;



{ask the value to increase}

increaseValue := RealDialog('Increase extrusions in the selection of this value','10');

{apply to the selected set of objects}

ForEachObjectInList(increase, 2, 0, oggetto);



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