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why do walls disappear


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a quick one (I hope)

I am making a basic building shell, and have 200mm unstyled walls. I have made 2 roofs, one with 2 gables, and a monopitch for a single storey extn at the rear.

When I select a gable wall and hit "fit walls to roof", the wall disappears, or rather its delta Z height drops to zero. I have the 'create gable walls' box in the roof obj info box unchecked, as I want the walls to go up. The walls and roof are on the same layer.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? It is the same with both the roofs..

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I'm not sure I get what you mean... the roof bearing height is set to match the height of the walls that carry it - in this case 5800 for the main roof and 2700 for my monopitch extension. Everything looks at the right height in right/ left/ back view, but "fit walls to roof" reduces the wall height to zero. If your saying the roof still 'thinks' its at Z=00 - (which would make sense) then why would it appear (visually) at the right height, and show 5800 in the bearing height section. I can't find a specific z value field for the roof as there is for the walls..

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More... the command fit walls "to top" of object will fit the walls to the lowest object(s) in the chosen "fit to" layer. Therefore Pat is correct. The best way I have found to make this entirely predictable is to create a 'dummy' layer, only used for fitting walls. You can place any 3d object into the layer, including roofs, floors or even simple extrudes...

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