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Dongle/Serial # issues on a neww 2008 install

Tom Grabowski


I just received 2008 (15 seat lab and 2 stand alone)and installed one of the stand alone on my laptop. I did the install of 2008 with the "B" serial Number and then the dongle driver. When I go to start up 2008, I get the message "A VectorWorks dongle has been found but it does not match the one specified by your serial number, You will now be given the opportunity to enter a new serial number" It then opens up the Serial Number window with the new 2008 serial number I entered at the installation highlighted in the serial number window. Clicking on the add button gives me a message the the serial number for your dongle will end in the numbers from my 12.5 version of VW. It will not accept the 12.5 #. I am using the dongle that I have had for the last gseveral versions of the program. What do I need to do. Thanks

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I did not get new dongles with this upgrade. I was told the previous dongles would work. Again when the Serial number window opens with the new 2008 serial number already in the left window and when I go to "add" a serial # the message is that the serial # will end with the last digits from my 12.5 version. If I enter that serial # the message is that # is not a valid serial #

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The old dongles will work - just match up the dongle number with the correct serial number.

Adding a serial number won't work. You'll have to delete the preference file and when launching VW, add the serial number matching the dongle when prompted.

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