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Hi there all, Can someone please tell me how to print a .PLT file in VW?

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Hmmm, thanks but the printer is not going to be connected to my computer. I need VW to save my drawing as a .PLT so that I can then bring that file to my printer to print on their plotter.


Originally posted by Chuck:

We are running Macs and use the Printer Utility for the relevant plotter/printer (usually supplied by the printer manufacturer). The HP plotter we use (HP755CM) came with a printer utility for both Macs and PCs.

Good luck.

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I think in the print dialogue there is a box you can check to save the PLT file. I have done this before, I use a PC at home and have on several occassions made a plt file from VW to bring to work and print using a mac on a HP Plotter.

So I think you go to the file menu, select print, use the HP plotter driver(You select it where the defaut printer shows up in the dialogue box, you can download the driver from HP web site if you dont have it, then you install it as a new printer through the controll panel/printers. It dosent matter if the plotter is physically attached to your computer because you are only using the driver to write the plt file) and look for the save file box ( it's the kind you check as I remember) then it will ask you for a file name and location to save the file.

I'll look tonite at home to make sure this is how it works

Oh, I'm talking about Win 98 but I think Win 2000 works the same way.

Good Luck

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Thanks Mike,

That is what I am trying to do. I have downloaded the HP 650 drivers and installed them in my computers. I am using version C2859B of the printer. I do not see any option for .PLT printing though. I thought it was because of VW using .MCD files but aparantly you are able to print to .PLT on your MAC?

I am linking some captures of my printer settings can you tell me if yours look similar. Or better yet if you could send me a capture of your settings as well , if not maybe you could make a suggestion.


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In your image 1 (Print Dialoque) there is a box which says "print to file" check this. Because you are using the HP plotter driver it will write a PLT file, It just dosen't say that. After you check this just hit print and it will ask you for a file name and location.

Good luck

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