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Dual Monitors?


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Anyone out there able to use a new iMac and hook up an additional monitor? I am thinking about getting an iMac (Leopard/VW interface another issue I realize) and hooking up an relatively new Dell 24" monitor next to it?

If yes, was this relatively easy to do?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yes, iMacs work well with second monitors. You will need a mini-DVI -> DVi converter (unless the new Macs have changed), which will cost around $20. I've hooked up my 17" Core Duo iMac to a 42" LCD TV on occasion (at up to 1920x1200). You can either mirror the original display or have a separate one.

The VW 12.5.3 release should hopefully solve the Leopard/VW interface issue.

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I highly recommend dual monitors. We just bought 24" iMacs and are using our old 19" LCD's as second monitors. I would like to get a VESA mount for the smaller screen, mount it next to the iMac and orient it in 'landscape' instead of portrait view. I use the smaller screen for all my palettes and the 24" full screen for the drawings.

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Yes, I have 2 monitors too - one for VW palettes and iCal drawing schedule, and the other a widescreen dedicated to be just the drawing window - you'd be surprised how much difference a large screen makes when viewing drawings, and helps save on printing (seeing something in print that you didn't see on your monitor is a big time waster).

I think the ideal setup in the far future will be an A1 size 300+ dpi monitor which acts like a drawing tablet. (somehow they need to be a bit more 'passive' and make use of passive light, than they are at the moment to reduce eye strain) - either that or a projector that is high res on the wall and bright enough for use in bright rooms.

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