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VW and dual displays (OS X)

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I'm using VW '08 with a dual monitor setup in OS X, using a Cintiq tablet as the 'drawing' monitor. I prefer to keep my cinema display as the main monitor, in which the menu is placed (don't get me started on OS X and the single menu bar...). Unfortunately, VW prefers to send dialogue boxes to the main monitor as opposed to the one in which the VW window is located, in my case the Cintiq. About a quarter of the dialogues will remember where they need to be if I move them, but the rest are pretty stubborn. So, is there a way to force VW to send all the dialogues to my Cintiq, or is there a way to get VW to remember the placement pref of all the dialogues?

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Sorry I don't have any help for you but I just wanted to say that it sounds like an amazing setup. Hope you get the bugs worked out.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the compliment, Bob. I'm just getting started with it all, so we'll see if it's worth it.

Ray, I'm using an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro. I found I was a bit limited in choice, since the G5 I have uses an AGP slot. Ideally, I'd move to a newer machine and a faster card, but one thing at a time. The ATI works fine, though, so I can't complain.

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I have a different situation - instead of two monitors I use two computers so in effect I have two monitors anyway.

Obviously some people could not have two computers because it does cost. So it depends on available finances I suppose.

I have them networked so swapping files or looking at something on one from the other is easy. My main computer desktop I only use for cad really and the other my laptop for emails, documents, bookeeping etc and taking into the field if I need to.

I am a landscape designer and arborist and often find when working I am drawing on one and researching or browsing the internet on the other answering emails or whatever. Often I find whilst I am waiting for my desktop to do what it is doing I can continue working rather than wasting time and therefore I can get on with work.

My desktop has a 22 inch monitor and I find it is adequate to work in VW in with all of my Palettes displayed.

I wonder how many others work this way.

As an example I may be doing an arborist report as part of a landscape design in VW laying out the tree locations etc and building a worksheet for it on my desktop. At the same time I will be doing the word document on my laptop for the arborist report or maybe using the internet to find a tree species.

When doing landscape design work - some are huge - VW slows down when changing sheets or views and because I have the two machines I always have something else to do.

For professionals working if you can afford it it is the way to go I think.

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I use two monitors 19" and 20"ws - actually used three some time ago and will go back to that setup again someday. It's like heaven!

I have no problem at all with moving whatever windows, palettes and things belonging to VW around freely on both screens. They stay where I located them even after rebooting VW.

Which of your dialogues are stubborn?

I recently read a strange topic - sorry, can't remember where exactly - about a guy who physically had to switch his monitors - from left to right and v.v. - to get things to work on both screens. Try that first.

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