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I have a drawing with a handful of viewports in a handful of sheets. For one of the viewports I am unable to snap to anything.

I double click the VP and select annotation mode, then none of the 2D tools will snap to any part of the drawing. I'm wanting to dimension in the VP.

The referenced layer is at 1/8" scale and the viewport is at 3/8" scale, but my understanding is that this shouldn't make a difference. There is only one layer being referenced by the VP. The VP is a detail of a floor plan drawing.

Thank you

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I have discovered the problem. It still leaves a question, but - oh well.

The Constraints palette was put away and 'some how' snap to grid and snap to object were off. So no problem dimensioning now.

The question remains how this may have occurred when the palette was put away? I could not have inadvertently switched them off. Guess I may never know.

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Thank you both.

I see in the Work Space editor under the 'misc keys' tab where constraint keys are ID'd. Deleting those key commands would eliminate the problem, I'm wondering though about down the road if I wanted them back on .... beyond a stashed note or relying on memory .... any suggestions on reseting these particular defaults?

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