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I am getting very frustrated at having to submit so many freakin bugs for VW 2008. To no surprise, I found another. Please someone tell me what is wrong. I imported a wall style from another VW drawing through the resource browser, clicked on the drawing to start the wall, tabbed to the Length, entered the length, clicked again to set the wall horizontally, go to click the next wall vertically, and the 'smart point' next to the cursor says it's 'vertical', but the wall is far from directly vertical. I tried using a different length, a different wall style that was already in the drawing, nothing different has happened. I am starting to wish we had stayed with Acad!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There is a bug with entering wall distances via the databar and the horizontal/vertical constraints on subsequent segments. This was introduced while making changes to support 3-D editing of walls, and will be fixed in the next bug fix release. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Per our other discussion, there's no release date for the next update. I've explained this in the other post when you asked IF there will be a SP2.

As I said there, I will repeat again, if there's an issue you want to follow up with, either post a detail of the issue, the bug number if you know it, or send an email. We can look into the status of issues and follow up with you.

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Until there is an official statement, this is speculation. I can tell you definitively we do not have an expected release date.

One of the reasons software companies do not set a release date is due to last minute changes and delays in the process. While it does not always happen, release dates are not accurate until official statements are made.

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one glossary term in the software business that you need to learn is "early implementer"

it applies to geeks that have to beta test and/or be the first to try/use software right out of the gate

as with any software, early versions are always buggy (nature of the business)

if you can not deal with the process of reporting bugs, then maybe sit back; relax and wait for later releases.

expecting that version x.0.0 of any software to be perfect is nothing but a pipe dream


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it's not the fact that I can't deal with submitting bugs, I just don't have time. I'll leave the bug submitting to the guys who sit around on their butts all day. Just kidding...that's all I do. You're right, we are just beta testers. This is my first at using a brand new version of any software. Thanks for the input! Is there an easy way to check if a certain bug has already been submitted??

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