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Color Palette VW12

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When I edit the color palette in version 12, I can't edit the first x kind of colors. I thought that this was intended to be this way because of system colors.

Today I opened a drawing where the color palette only had 2 fixed colors, namely the first two: white and black.

So my question is: how can you edit the first set of colors?

I only just want to rearrenge them.

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Actually, DWorks is obviously able to edit 254 colours...

the color palette only had 2 fixed colors, namely the first two

At least in Europe, 256-2=254.

However, this is indeed interesting. With MacOS you have always (well, at least almost always - I can't recall MC 3 or 4 in this respect) been able to edit 254 colours. The operating-systematically challenged users have had a more limited choice even in this respect.

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