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So....what HAS changed in 2008?


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Sorry for the cross-posting...

I'm using an image in a dialog, it stopped showing on VW 12.5 & 2008 on Windows. Previously, resource file extension changes broke my scripts on the PC, now I think it might be something similar. On the Mac, works fine.

kResourceFile='myimage';  {on Windows that gets myimage.qtr file inside the Plug-ins folder}
{...further down...}
gOKdlog :=  SetVSResourceFile(kResourceFile);
      gDlogID := Define_Dialog;
      IF gOKdlog & VerifyLayout(gDlogID)
              THEN gDlogResult := RunLayoutDialog(gDlogID,Drive_Dialog);
{...inside the dialog code...}
CreateControl(dialogID, 2, 1, kResourceFile, 1010);

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