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dynamic detail viewports from sheet layers?


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Is it possible to create dynamic 1:10 details from the section viewports I am assembling on my sheet layers? If I draw a box over an area of a sheet layer, then go to 'create viewport', it doesn't like it ..'you have selected only one object or an already cropped viewport'. If i draw the box then also select the section viewport I want to crop for use on another viewsheet, it brings up the dialoge box for create viewport and transports me to the viewsheet I nominate, but the port is empty?! I've got all layers/ classes turned on and have updated a few times.

I'm guessing I'm missing something here...

if this is roughly the right way...i'm

slightly confused by the scale in create viewport box - if my section viewport is 1:100 and I want a detail at 1:10, would I go for 1:10, or 5x?

There is a box for 'view'- I just want to replicate the existing but bigger, but am faced with top/plan, right, left etc. Maybe this is a hint I'm in the wrong place... or if my section viewport faces right, should I put 'right'..?

I'd like to leave the boundary box for my crop in place on the original viewsheet to locate the detail - is this possible?

I've hunted round help/ the forum/ knowledgebase/ my books and cant find the answers! any pointers gratefully received...

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If I understand your question.... Try this: duplicate (or copy and paste) the original VP. Now, double click (or right click) on the duplicate and go to "Edit Crop". Change the crop to "zoom in" on the area you wish to see in your detail. Exit the crop. Select the VP and change the scale in the Object Info Palette (and yes, if you want 1:10 then that's what you should select). Now you should have an expanded view of the detail area. Does that help?

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thanks for the speedy reply...I was doing something like this earlier today but realised (if I've understood you right) that this makes a copy of that viewport as a snapshot in time, so can only be done at the end of the process. I really want some dynamic details that I can set up now and start annotating whilst I'm still working on the master model thats continually feeding into my section viewports...updating the details right up until I hit the printer.

I have managed to draw a (15mm, because ultimately I want a 1:10 in a 150mm sq) box on my (1/100) section viewport/ sheet layer, then create a viewport. If I keep the scale at 1/100 in this dialogue box it gives me a tiny wee detail on my specified sheet layer. I can then change the detail to 1/10 and it all looks good in wireframe, but as soon as I go to hidden line, it becomes clear that it hasn't cropped the section - rather its cropped the view (right view) that you'd have if you were looking at the end wall rather than the section.

I guess I could use the wireframe to set up the page layout and get my annotations in then use your method to copy a bit of the final section over as a final job. But I'm sure there must be a dynamic-details-from-section-viewport trick in here somewhere ?!

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the only problem I'm finding is that in my 1:100 section I have the section style set to fill the cut line black. If I switch the section style class to not-visible in the (duplicate) viewports that contain my new 1:10 details, I'm losing a lot of lines (odd edges of shingles/ battens/ wall layers etc).

Any ideas?

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heres a screenshot to illustrate

I've run through my class/ layer visibilities + lineweights but it seems a bit erratic to be one of them.

The L.H. pic is a wireframe VP 'created' from the section, the R.H. is a duplicate VP with section style class turned off.

sorry for pic quality - the forum doesn't seem to like PDFs so it pixellated in photoshop, but I think you can see the missing lines.

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While I'm here (!) I don't know if its the same issue, but I have a plan cut as a horizontal section from an elevation, section style is set to fill but only about half of the walls are filled. The outside walls are all the same no of layers, and I've extruded some studs to show the framing. Where the whole wall has not been blacked in, VW seems to have found the studs, or the inner layer and blacked them in. Again it seems odd that its not consistent across the drawing.

As a side issue, I guess if you are making plans like this and your doors are set closed in elevation, then its not possible to have them open in a horizontal section cut from that elevation?

blimey, its not a walk in the park, is it!

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Hawkeye, that's two questions?..

1) "Section Style" is the class created for materials that are cut by the section. So if it is OFF then you will not see those objects in the section (which makes the section pretty worthless). But try this: go into the CLASS SETUP DIALOG and fiddle with the GRAPHIC ATTRIBUTES of the Section Style class (or even more fun, use VP Class overrides in each of the VP's to get the look you're after)

2)Have you tried to show your plans as normal TOP/PLAN VP's (rather than as sections)? I think you'll have more success that way...

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