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tool set icons where are they ?

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I would like to customize my workspace to include a few more tool set than what any of the default tool sets include. When I add a tool set it does not bring in the icon associated with the tools set, just a blank button. Where are the tools set icons located so I can add it, or are these buried from beyond my reach? If they are unreachable could they somehow be posted somewhere where a user can get the .png file so tools sets can be added with the proper icon.


Jeff Miller

VW2008 - Windows XP

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Ahh, the good old days of the Real Mc OS and ResEdit...

We used to be able to have 16x16 and 32x32 fill patterns in VW back then. Extracting an icon from a Resource Fork of a file such as a workspace and inserting that into another one was a piece of cake.

(How can "extracting" be "a piece"? Could it be "a picnic"? I don't think so..)

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