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Need to bend a Cut Out


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I have a basic city scape cut out that is 6" thick. I now need to curve it to match a wall


The image above shows the flat extrude of the cityscape and the curved wall it needs to match. I am hoping that there is a simple command into which I could enter the arc radius and bend it to match

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I hope someone else understands what you want since you've totally lost me.

Do you want to project the outline on a curve? (If so, "thickness" and "wall" are somewhat redundant.)

From the little I still remember from the Photogrammetry Course at the Uni in 1971, this is mathematically doable if one knows the projection parameters.

Texture mapping might also work...

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I'll try to clarify further ...

I have a flat cityscape which I need to bend to match a curved wall. I know the arc length of the wall so I have made the city scape to match that length.

If I simply extrude the city scape and subtract a solid to get the shape of the wall - I will have distorted the scale of the cityscape. I could chop it down into segment to obtain a more accurate model but I believe that solution is both time consuming and possibly unnecessary ...

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I think you will distort the skyline anyway. At least the spectators will have a distorted view - except perhaps the few who happen to sit at the original camera position and whose eyes match the objective's focal length.

Now, in theatrical scenes 6 inches is, I think, nothing. In fact, even 3 feet are just one foot short of a spit-roasted pig. The whole nine yards might be significant...

Will it look good? To whom, from where? It's all about smoke and mirrors, you know!

Make the curved wall 1 mm thick. Do a solid subtraction. Get the crew to build it.

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Hi Keola,

I have two commands that can do this for you.

Roads are often described by two curves, 1 from the top showing the bends etc. The other is a projection on the roads axis. I made a clumsy combination command that makes 1 3D polygon out of these 2 2D polygons. But it is polygons only. I'm not sure it can handle verticals as they are quite rare in roads.

The other command solves the projection problem, at least for the viewers at infinite distance. I called it skew 3D (it doesn't really bend) it projects the skyline to the curve (or vise versa, wich would show you a city on a perfect sphere mountain). I use this one to build 3D bridges. I build the models straight and only as last action I sort of bend the bridge in the its vertical curve. (again 3D polygons only).

This is the "skewed" version

1 Cut up the profile in small bands (2x clip surface)

2 Convert to 3D polys in front view

3 2d curve in top view in front of it

4 Skew 3D command

5 Decompose

6 delete all vertical but the first and the last

7 compose.



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I laughed because Holland is as 2D as it could possibly be. The concept of a bridge is a plank across a ditch. How flat can you go. And I mean flat, not low.

Even in a 2D world, the bridge would hardly be recognized as you can't stand on the railing and pee down into the water. Which is, up to a certain age, the ultimate 3D use of a bridge. Sorry girls, boys only.

Long dark evenings in Finland? Over here it gets dark and rainy a little after six.

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