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Error: The grid width is too small; It must be greater than zero. (39, 1)


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I am creating a simple site model using only 12 loci, have layer with only the loci present and recieve the following error when trying to create a site model "Error: The grid width is too small; It must be greater than zero. (39, 1)". Under Page>Set Grid> I have both X and Y for snap grid and reference grid set to 10mm.

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When you run the Site Model command, make sure you have only the 3D locus points selected. You may want to also move the other data to another class/layer and turn that class/layer off.

And, as others have suggested, in the site model settings, make sure the Site Model grid view is set to more than 0.

Or, change the view from grid to something else like extruded contours, triangulated, or mesh.

Are you using 11.5.0 or 11.5.1?

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I am running verion 11.5.0. The active layer only has the locis present with all other info and objects on other layers. I have been creating the site model as "extruded contours" where the "site model grid" tick box is inactive. I have also tried creatiing the site model using the "3D Grid" and setting the grid to more than 0 and i recieve the error "a miscalaeneous error has occured (20,1)

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20,1 means you have overlapping or duplicate information.

You should update to 11.5.1, too.

Try to copy just the locus points to a new, blank document (making sure the object count is as expected and not double, indicating duplicates) and run the site model from there.

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Cool, I have used the "select all" command and confirmed that only the locis I am using are present, have also checked no other information is on hidden classes. The problem still occurs but I have tried pasteing to a new document and works fine, will also upgrade to 11.5.1, thanks

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You should upgrade to VW 2008. The DTM was revamped in VW 12 and is much better. Have a look at the DTM novie here: http://www.nemetschek.net/training/library.php?movie=12movies

There were significant improvements in both VW 12 and VW 2008. Its only when you go back and try doing something in VW 11 that you realise how much is changed and how much better, easier and speedier working in VW 2008 actually is.

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Is it? Were there? Will I? Really?

At least setting default graphics has been made extremely painful. One little error - creating the DTM in a file that is not based on a template with DTM settings - and you're done. There's no realistic way of configuring the look of the DTM to be what it is in another file.

OK. At least one seems to get a DTM every time, which used to be a novelty... Even a horribly ugly DTM is better than no DTM, so there's been progress.

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