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VW 2008 "help" not working?

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I ran into this on my Mac too. I have Safari set as my default browser so I clicked on VW2008 help, it opened Safari but didn't display anything, I highlighted and copied the URL in the address bar, opened Firefox and pasted the URL, then I created a bookmark in the bookmarks toolbar so that I can get to '08 help easily.

Last I heard, NNA will be making Help compatible with Safari - the company that developed Help told NNA that it wouldn't work with Safari JUST before they launched '08.

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Bill is correct.

There was a last minute change to the help system software which does not support Safari 2. As soon as a fix is available, we will release an update to VectorWorks 2008 addressing this issue.

For now, as others have suggested, use another browser to open the help file or download Safari 3 from Apple's website.

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There is a problem with the help update on my machine. If I follow the directions exactly, VW2008 crashes.

The folder created is not named VWHelp like the one I removed, but rather it is named VW2008SafariHelpFix.

There needs to be an additional step in the directions:

5b. Rename the folder VW2008SafariHelpFix to VWHelp.

After this change is made, the new help works fine. Actually better than fine. The new help seems incredibly faster than the old.


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