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VW 2008 Question, Can viewports now share a sheet with other layers?


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In VW 12.5 a viewport can not share a sheet with any other layers, (for instance a title layer that would normally be shown on all sheets in a set of construction documents). I have found the viewport useful for one-off presentations but if a viewport could be treated like any other object or layer to compose a sheet then it would be really useful.

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Whoa, I think you have it backwards.

A viewport in VW12 (and 2008, and 11) has the ability to show as many layers as you want, with the condition that they will all be shown at the same scale. That means that you could have a plan and title block both at 1/4" and they would display just fine.

I think the part you are missing is that you can put as many viewports on a sheet layer as you want. Since you get to pick the layers in a viewport, put in a viewport with only the title block layer (at say, 1:1). Then do another viewport with the plan at 1:50 and then do a detail view (using a crop) at 1:10.

Makes it very easy to compose any type of sheet that you want.


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I understand that you can have many viewports on saved views as you want and those viewports are "pictures" of drawings that have many layers but in edit "saved views" you can not turn on any other layers on a view that contains a viewport. In practice you can't show anything except viewports on any given saved view whereas other saved views can have multiple layers. I can't find out if in 2008 they have fixed that so a Viewport can be an object or a layer that can be switched on in any view just like any other object.

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Yes, they have added Design Layer Viewports, but they take their view, scale and render mode from the design layer they are on. They act kind of like cropable layer links. They can also reference data from other VW files.

Personally, I use Saved Views for two different purposes. I use them to take me to a specific part of the drawing that I am working on (kitchen, left elevation, et cetera). In this case the are used with design layers.

I also use them to take me to Sheet Layers. On the Sheet Layer I layout everything in viewports so each can have its own rendering, view and scale.

If you read the documentation for VW11 (and I think VW12) closely, there are places where Sheet Layers are called Presentation Layers. I think this is closer to the original intest of Sheet Layers. As usual, we the users have taken them far beyond what was originally envisioned.


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