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Worldwide Landmark Users Group


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Would anyone be interested in a Worldwide Landmark Users Group. We could establish a Yahoo Group with no setup or ongoing fees. The members could share ideas, links, landscaping symbols, image fills, textures, image props, plant symbols, 3D plants, tips and tricks, tutorials and more. If you don't know what a Yahoo group is go to http://groups.yahoo.com/. Please respond if interested and add your suggestions.

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It would create a list serv where you sent an email to the group and it would go to all the members. The individual members cn receive all emails, a daily digest, special announcements or now email at all.

Here some of the things you can do:

Messages-View messages without receiving the group email

Post-post a message

Files-separate files upload and download

Photos - separate photos and images upload and download (show your work to share ideas and learn from other ideas) (image and texture files)

Links- to tutorials and other resources

Database- list of other resources and people and companies that train or provide resources

Polls- poll and survey members

Members- list of members

Calendar -plan events

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May I point out one thing about this?

If you move the group from here to there, NNA will likely not participate. One of the advantages of keeping the information here is that NNA employees not only moderate but also chime in on various issues. And if there's an issue, we can quickly add it to our database. The other route runs the risk of an issue not being known by NNA.

Just about everything you can do in the groups, you can do here.

There are a number of other features, such as polls, which I've disabled, but could bring them back every now and then on an as-needed basis.

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i think is is a mistake to move the landmark group away from this forum. I would be better to get Katie to make this forum do more of what you want.

If you move away to an independent forum, then Nemetschek North America will not hear your good ideas, suggestions and wish lists. If you keep the group here they will hear you.

Why can?t you voice your opinions here. I suspect that NNA really want to hear you...

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We are not thinking of moving the Landmark group away from here. Opinions, wish lists and problems would still be voiced here at this forum. This forum right now does not have the ability to have files like landscaping symbols, images for textures, tips and tricks in a common area. I have created in plan view basketball goals, boulders, playscapes, 3 tier fountains and other specialty landscaping symbols. I want to share these and use other symbols that others have created. Why should every individual have to create their own symbols when someone else has already created them. How many times does the wheel have to be reinvented before we use this tool called the internet to connect the entire planet and save ourselves quite a bit time. Jonathon, you are correct we are seeking more functionality not necessarily a different place. Will Nemetschek North America host an area on their web site or upgrade their forum to allow VW texture image files, text (tips and tricks) and drawing (2D and 3D symbols) files to be uploaded and downloaded?

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You can post VW files inside a post here - which houses symbols, textures, etc.

There's even a VS and texture share section of this message board where you can post VW files with these resources, text files of scrips, and images to be used as textures.

I can add more sections such as symbols, hatches, etc.

These are all available for download by anyone.

In addition, you can post items to vectordepot.com and other 3rd party sites.

You can even post tips in your posts here. It's nice for NNA to see this stuff so we can not only see how customer workflows are planned and used, but also gives us ideas for future tech tips, movies, & training ideas.

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