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Pull 2-d elevs plans & details from 3-d models

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Hello there,

Can anyone suggest the best way to pull 2-d views from a 3-d model? I have created a 3-d model of a fairly complex table and would like to get elevations, sections, plans, etc. without redrawing. I have done standard views and saved sheets, but it I can't figure out a way to do multiple views on a single sheet. Also, with a standard ortho side view, I get the expected confusing web of overlapping lines from background objects when in wireframe, and annoying tonal modeling when in a render-mode.

I understand this is possible in auto-cad, can we Vectorworkers do it too?

Thanks, in advance for any comments.

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Firts of all: Unless you want objects to be transparent you should make sure everything is filled (attribute palette).

From any 3D view select the "convert to lines" menu command (or whatever it?s called in english). The hidden line rendering option in the dialogue box will produce a 2D drawing without overlapping lines. You might have to do some manual cleaning of the drawing afterwards.

Please note that unless you use the command on linked layers, your 3D work will be destroyed. Hold option key down while selecting the "convert..." command to produce a 2D copy of your 3D view.


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One thing which makes the renderings better is to select Glazing Style 2 from the Object Info palette (the button at the very bottom). This will make the windows non-transparent, so you won't have to delete irrelevant lines of the model interior that are visible through the window

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