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Origin problems with model when exporting to C4D


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Hi Guys,

At our workplace we will copy and paste certain elements from models to save time at the feasibility stage. The problem is some of these jobs are north of England, some south. When the model is created in Vectorworks with this data and then put into symbols for ease of use in C4D we find that the symbols origins are at 0,0,0 but the actual instances geometery is shot off the screen in it's previous site location which causes massive problems in locating the model in C4D.

Any help what could be done in vectorworks before eporting would be extremely useful. Many thanks in advance.

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When creating the symbol, are you selecting "Plan Projection Center"? This creates the insertion point at the center of the OBJECT, causing the symbol to appear at 0,0,0 in C4d regardless of its location in the VW drawing. If you select "Next Mouse Click" you can click at 0,0 in VW and it should maintain the offset when opened in C4D. If you place a Locus at 0,0 in VW, you'll have a point to click on.

Another option is to Group your model rather than creating a symbol. The group should maintain its position relative to 0,0 when imported.


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From what I can tell, the C4D origin (0,0,0) corresponds to the VW 3D origin. Not to be confused with the drawing origin, look at you VW model in 3D and find it's position relative to the 3D origin - that offset is what will appear in C4D.

My best guess is to copy the model components required into a blank VW file, and make sure it's position is near the VW 3D origin, then export.


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