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VW 12.5 / Leopard Specific Compatibility Issues

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I would like to start a specific discussion of the "significant functional problems" afflicting Vectorworks 12.5.2 in the Leopard environment. Are they so severe that one cannot even attempt to run 12.5.2 on Leopard?

I noticed there were a few bugs posted on the "Complaining about Netschek's Intentions" posting, but perhaps we can do Nemetschek a service by consolidating our experiences here.



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I did a brief and fruitless test on one of my laptops running Leopard. The killer to using VWA with Leopard is that the cross hairs for the cursor are no longer visible, and when you draw ANY object, you have no visual cues to what you are drawing.

For example, if you draw a single rectangle, circle, polygon or line, all you see are line bits or dots during the click and drag or point-to-point. The object you've drawn wont' be seen until you release the mouse/complete the drawing action.

This, effectively, kills the ability to use VWA for even the most basic of drawing under Leopard.

It appears to be some sort of incompatibility with the drawing engine, perhaps QuickDraw, or the like.

I sincerely hope that a fix can be developed as we don't see our office making an investment in VWA 2008 anytime soon, but the move to Leopard would be welcome with many of its productivity enhancements.

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