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Ability to cap wall ends with Wall Component



Now that VectorWorks has the ability to class Wall Components (v13) it means we're finally able to add wall finishes to our Wall Styles.

But now we need the ability to cap wall ends with a nominated Wall Component. Otherwise wall linings look like they don't wrap around wall ends.

This is why I don't like to prescribe to NNA exactly what feature I'd like but instead prescribe the outcome I'd like.

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The Round Cap option is on the OIP immediately under the Caps pop-up. It only works when you have Caps on the ends of the walls.

Round Caps disappeared as an option which you could preset when Wall Styles came in with VW 12. It is still there as an option though on the OIP, and in the Properties dialog box which opens when you right click on a wall.

In 15+ years I have never used a round end on a wall. I have however had to cap the end of a multi component wall many times. This can be done manually ( http://architoshforums.forest.net/showthread.php?t=1621 ) but it is time consuming. It would be nice to have a process which automated the process of capping the end of a wall with one or more components.

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It is currently not a component cap option - it is just a wall cap option.

Maybe the Round Wall Caps option was removed in the 'localisation' of your version. It is there in the English language version though.

The point I am really trying to make is to agree with the proposition that we do need an option which component caps the ends of walls. Secondary to that was my suggestion that perhaps the utterly and totally useless Round Cap option could be replaced with something which is useful - ie. the ability to component cap the ends of walls.

As Pete Retondo pointed out the capability to Component cap the ends of walls has been asked for many times before, and it is long overdue. It is just another one of those little improvements which never seems to make it to the implement stage, notwithstanding that it would be very beneficial to many users.

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Agree on the wall caps, along with better jamb management.

I haven't had much time with 2008 yet - has the component join tool improved? This tends to go wild in version 12 a lot of the time, sending walls off into infinity.

The classing of components has finally given us a professional standard for walls, but wall management as a whole needs further work.

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Never done pise or adobe, Chris? (Well, neither have I...)

Actually, I know someone who used very thin, round-capped walls as thick lines in certain map-drawing situations, to avoid the dreaded thick-diagonal-line -syndrome. I even wrote her a script that created these walls from polygons.

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I admittedly use walls for things they are not intended for.

I draw shop drawings of stairs and rails and use walls for the railing parts (posts, rails, pickets, etc.). when a pipe rail ends, it is nice to use the round cap to show that it is returning directly behind the rail. For example when a wall rail returns to the wall at the end of the run.

Walls are nice to use for this purpose as the joining properties clean up the joints without a lot of trimming on my part.

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Alles klar

I too use walls for things for which they weren't intended, though I consider this bad practice on my behalf, as it's confusing when you click on objects and the OIP tells you they're walls, when clearly they aren't (and symbols jump into them when you left the toggle on...)

I want to use the 'Linear Material' tool which arrived in 12, but it's rubbish - you can't join it with either the wall-join OR line-join tools (dumb), and you can't make custom materials (dumber). I doubt you can do rounded ends either.

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