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User resources should take precedence over installed resources

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If, for instance, I put a file in a user folder for default Wall Styles (on a Mac: User/Library/Application Support/VectorWorks 2008/Libraries/Defaults/Walls/Wall Styles Metric.vwx) my expectation would be that this takes precedence over what is in the VectorWorks application resource folder (on a Mac: Applications/VectorWorks 2008/Libraries/Defaults/Walls/Wall Styles Metric.vwx).

But this is not the case. If you do the above the Wall Styles from the application folder still show in VectorWorks, meaning they need to be deleted if you want only your own user Wall Styles to show.

I'd prefer the behaviour to be that VectorWorks stops showing the default installed resources from the application folder if you put something in the user folder.

If others feel differently then maybe there could be a preference option for this.

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I looked into this, and it seems to me like it is working the way you want it to work, at least partly. I copied the Wall Styles Metric.vwx file from the app folder you referred to into the user folder you referred to. I deleted a few wall styles in the Wall Styles Metric.vwx file in the user folder, and those wall styles didn't show up anymore. I did notice that if I renamed the Wall Styles Metric.vwx file after I copied it, then the wall styles from both files showed up, and those that were duplicates had the filename in parentheses after the wall style name.

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