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Tip: extremely quick way to send VectorWorks drawing by email

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This is a nice feature that I missed as well, but when I do this, the result in Mail is an attached Tiff file not a PDF. Perhaps there is a preference setting somewhere in Mail. I do not know of any preference settings for the Clipboard, but I will look there as well.

Using Petri's method I get a PNG attahment, as I expected.

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I am really trying not to join this thread, but ...

Yes both OS's can do nearly everything each other can. Please don't bore me with a list. But OS X .pdf has been an OS function since OSX Beta. From memory Apple uses Quartz technology which makes everything .pdf-able since the beginning of OSX (see http://developer.apple.com/graphicsimaging/quartz/) which is why VW could use transparency long before the Windows version (Vista only).

Anyway thanks for the tip Christiaan. There's always a work around to do something, but this is quick and easy, good call.

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Actually, OS X used PDF as its display technology since before OS X Beta, as OS X was little more than NextStep ported to Apple and made to look like Apple's Finder. In 1987, Next had Display PostScript, which was the father of Display PDF which is now rolled into Quartz. There are many vestiges of NextStep in OS X, such as the "Services" menu that no one seems to use, and the dock which everyone does.

VW didn't start supporting Quartz until VW12, so OS X's display technologies where not implemented in VW until years after they could have been.

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Well if it's before OSX beta theen it wasnt' part of what commercially known as OSX which is what I was referring to. Yes lots of OSX technologies are based on NextStep. Which is also based on UNIX which goes way beyond my knowledge.

Thanks for the your knowledge nugget.

Reference to print. I still believe you could print to .pdf in VW before version 12 which is the point I was making. If not it's amazing how time flies.

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Today I loaded VW 2008 onto my Vista Laptop so that when I visit projects I can take it with me and draw on the spot.

Of course because until now I only had VW on XP I had to see how a select and copy from VW to email worked in Vista.

BTW probaly does the same thing in XP if you have Office 2007 installed.

I use Office 2007 so Outlook 2007 is my email client with Word 2007 as the default for composing emails.

Well blow me down and I could not believe it. I copied and pasted a VW drawing with just lines, polylines, rectangles and circles and in my email every object was selectable and editable - lines, polylines etc could have colors changed and rectangles, circles and closed objects could have a fill applied - they had become Word shapes.

Again this is not attempting at all to say Windows is better than Mac or Mac is better than Windows - I still think Macs are better.

Makes you wonder though where we will be in a couple of years.

Wonder when we will be able to run Mac OS on a PC?

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