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Pattern Printing Problem, Redux

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Does anyone else have this problem, and a solution?:

I have an object with a white fill in front of an object with a pattern. When I print, the pattern 'shows through' the

white foreground object. Where the pattern 'shows through' the dots making it up are not fully black, but are

haftone. Any hatches behind the foreground object do not show through, and if the foreground object is given a

pattern instead of being solid white, the background pattern does not show through.

This problem does not show up on the monitor, and only occurs when printing on our HP DesignJet 1055CM. It

does not occur when printing on an HP 5000N or Fiery. All are using Laserwriter 8.7. I am Using VW 8.5.2 on a

Mac G4 w/ sys. 9.0.4.

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