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Texture orientation unpredicatble


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I have a texture based on a filtered image. The image is a scan of timber veneer. I have a problem orienting the grain direction. I've tried rotating it in the mapping pane of the OIP but when I render FQR it appears 90 degrees out to what it appears oin the pane. Then when I exit the group edit of the group the component with the texture is in, the direction changes again. I try rotating the direction in the OIP again, then by the time I'm out of the group edit the direction is still the same.

The group was part of a symbol. I had a render on the model layer with two instances of the symbol with different directions on each - that surely shouldn't be possible!?

Also when I render a viewport the direction is different to the rendering on the model layer.

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I have noticed that the direction of a texture in a single unmodified solid will render in the direction of the map. However if you have a solid that has been subtracted, added or intersected the mapping direction does not orient properly due to the fact that the edited solid is in a group. I have a real problem in solids that have been rotated from the X,Y plane and have been cut such as would be accomplished with a rafter plumb cut or ridge cut. My work-around has been to convert the solid to nurbs and work with the planes independently...takes time though.

Pete A.

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Yes, I can, but it's exactly the same thing. The change occurs after exiting the group edit. It's like the group somehow overides the object's texture attributes, but this shouldn't normaly happen. (I thought it only happens when you ungroup and check the apply option.) I've done a workaround by ungrouping everything I can, but I still would like to know what's going on. It's happened to me before- I think I had to use another texture last time. Maybe the texture itself has something to do with it - though I can't see how. Prior to using the new texture I had another one working perfectly well as far as direction goes. But when I created the new texture it was the wrong way around and I had to change all the mappings.

Which leads me to reiterate a wish that I've seen stated before - that the should be a facility to globally rotate direction during texture creation and editing. I wonder if VW2008 has fixed this.

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