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export to PDF - Mac

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So I've just used the export to pdf option in VW for the first time. Previously I've always used the print to pdf capability of OSX.

I usually have sheets set up with multiple pages. If I use the VW export to pdf, I get a pdf of the whole sheet with the pages ignored. With Mac print to pdf I get a nice pdf with pages, thumbnails etc. It's even not possible to tell the VW export to pdf which page to export like you can with Mac print to pdf.

So I can't understand what spectifically is the benefit of VW export to pdf for Mac users -except the file size is smaller? For me it's basically useless.

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In 2008, you can choose to export all pages as one single page PDF (What DDDesign has discovered), or you can export the pages as true pdf pages, as you can with the print to pdf feature in the Mac OS. This does not require batch to work. There is option set called Export Range at the bottom of the dialog. You will also find that you can specify a user defined range, i.e. 3-6, of pages.

So that at least proves that the single PDF export is as good as the Mac OS PDF creator, but why is it better?

1. Bath pdf export if you have it. Use the workspace editor to check if you have it in fundamentals. It may be simply left off the default workspace.

2. Being able to export your layers and/or classes out as pdf layers.

3. Down sampling control for raster objects that will be exported.

4. Control over the ?grayness? of grayed layers and classes

5. In theory the pdf export is not dependant on the OS pdf driver for quality. In other words, the export should be closer to what VectorWorks considers the true form of the information.

All of the said, this feature is a boon for windows users who would otherwise not have this ability without buying something else.

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