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confused about fillet


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This has always puzzled me...

if I have a rectangle that is 1" on a side why won't VW allow me to use (2) 1/2" fillets to round it over. I have to fillet one side with 1/2" and then subtract .001" to fillet the other side.

Am I missing something?

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Yes, and heres's what I found is strange -it happens for some corners and not others. And success can depend on which order the fillets are done. Sometimes if you can't do a corner you can fillet another corner - and then come back and fillet the unsuccessful corner later.

Two other things - I couldn't find any repeatability in my tests = sometimes it workd in one one, then the next time it didn;t work. Also I tried it with metric units and didn't have any problems at all.

Must be a bug.

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Has anyone confirmed that this may have been fixed in 2008? I have experiences this behavior myself in the past, but could not replicate this in 2008. In other words, it seems to work now.

As far as the "fine-ness" and resolution dependance, that does not make total sense to me, because the resulting shape is a polyline, not polygon, and therfor is not segmented at all. Righgt?

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