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Real world coordinate systems in VW

Mark J

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What is the best way to work with data in a real world coordinate system such as State Plane, or UTM in Vector Works 2008? When we import shapefiles, VW doesn't find the projection (.prj) file. It then correctly assumes "feet" as the unit, and places the data at the correct coordinates. However, the page is still centered at 0,0. Should we move the page/print area, or move the origin?

We've not had any success at moving the page to where the data are located. VW help seems to suggest that it is possible to use two coordinate systems, but we haven't figured out how to do this. Setting the origin appears to replace the real world coordinate system.


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The best way is to work with real world coordinates. The page/print area is not needed unless you want to see a page grid. For printing is better to create a sheet layer and a viewport wich can be set at the desired scale, rotation, and clipped limits. Once created, the viewport will be off the page but just like a group you can move the center of the viewport to the page by changing its origin to 0,0 in the info palette. This works very well for me when creating plan and profile sheets for road reconstruction projects.

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I'm definitely interested in knowing the answer to this too, as we frequently work with surveyors and engineer's data that is located on the AMG.

I can't see any problems, unless you create those. I've worked in various mapping grids, including several AMG-zones, and it's been hunky dory since VW 9. Even my MapInfo MID/MID Export & Import filters have produced fine, reproducible results that sustain many back-and-forth movement iterations.

Shape -files and georeferenced aerials (except GeoTIFFs) also work just fine. However, my testing has been somewhat limited so far.

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