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Three words. Don't do it! I upgraded to OS 9 when it first came out, got the updates and had nothing but problems. I went pack to OS 8.5 and haven't had the problems I had with 9. It is reputedly the worst OS that Apple has ever released. I would tend to agree. Not only did it cause problems with VelctorWorks, it also caused prblems with other programs. I coudn't spool print to my HP455CA along with numerous other problems. My suggestion, three more words-Forget about it!

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I am wondering what it will be like myself since my G3 is in the shop getting an additional HD and more RAM plus OS9 installed. I sure hope that you aren't totally correct in what you are saying since ALL I HAVE ARE SERIOUS 3d and 2d programs installed and it's enough configuring them all in unisson and to work well. I too have heard nothing but BS about OS9 and was up to a few weeks ago stuck on OS8.6 since it is so solid an OS.

I sure hope that it isn't as bad as most of the info. I have read about it seems. I have both MiniCAD7 and VectorWorks 8.6.1 and have the newest release of Strata Studio Pro v3.0 too and have not gotten to install either one yet. I sure hope it all goes down smooth and not a bunch of trouble to deal with as the softwares are enough to learn much less having to contend with an unstable OS... Any word seen on this BBB regarding OSX yet?

Thank's for the warning.


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As for OS9: I installed it on a used Power Mac 9500/132 with 128Mgs of RAM. The replacement hard drives (non-Apple) were partitioned into four volumes and only one would accept OS9. I can't say that I've had any problems, but as a designer my files have not yet exceeded 1.2Mgs. The only problem I do have is with the speed of Appleworks 6(!).

So don't be discouraged. OS 9 was really intended for the G3's and G4's, not the older machine I have.


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It is worthwhile updating to OS 9.04. VW runs excellent on my G4, but I agree OS 9.0 was a bit temperamental. Just remember the system needs some house keeping from time to time. Go to Apple and download the updater (in the correct language). When you have a lot of problems use Conflict Catcher (Casady & Green) and perform a clean installation from your system disk and run the updater after. With Conflict Catcher as companion a clean system installation is a breeze (minutes).



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I was wary about OS9.0, so I got a new external HD and put it on there. Note that I have an old 6100 with a Sonnet card and 72 MB ram. At first OS9.0 refused to load on the third party HD, but I reformatted the drive with Apple's drivers and it loaded fine. Then came the problems. They were all solved by OS 9.0.4. I run photoshop LE, VW8.5.2, and all the other office stuff with no problem. Oops!, that's not true. The VW video bug still shows up and I have to use 256 colors, but that is NNA's fault, not OS9.

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