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Leopard & 12.5.2

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Hurray. It looks like I may be able to install Leopard on my computers after all.

I will wait a bit for the reviews-and I'm sure it wont be perfect-but I'm confident NNA is committed to continue to treat us right.

Update-Installed on laptop that I rarely use VW on- Seems to work fine so far.

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As I mentioned in a post some two weeks ago. VectorWorks users are dealing with a company who cares about it's client base. In the software industry, that isn't necessarily always the case.

NNA has a history of doing "the right thing" when it comes to these types of fixes. Looks like they have done it again.



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How about my MiniCAD 5? I hope that Bob, Damon, G & Melshimber support my plea to have MiniCAD 5 to be made to work with OS X Leopard. Of course I won't pay for it - I just expect NNA to listen to my concern, do the right thing, care about the user and so on.

(I could say MiniCAD 3, but I no longer have the installation disk for that version.)

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I'm a Pareconist myself but my reading of it is that there is a demand for a certain level of service (software, after all, is more akin to paying for a subscription than ownership of something tangible) and that service includes the expectation of a certain level of ongoing compatibility and bugfixes. NNA are simply offering a certain level of compatibility that they think is required to continue having paying customers into the future.

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NNA has released 12.5.3 to address these issues. We haven't updated to Leopard yet on all our computers, but have it on one to accomodate another program. I wanted to try 12.5.3 before getting Leoprad on the rest, but am having real problems with it on Tiger - it doesn't recognize some files and can't import autocad files. I haven't tried it beyond that - doesn't seem worth it. Maybe it is just for Leopard? Anyone else tried?

I agree NNA is usually good with their upgrades.

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