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error type 2

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What are you trying to clip and/or trim? My experience has been that this function requires a lot of memory when used on large, complicated polygons and polylines (e.g., batt insulation, and pathways on site plans). I've often crashed while clipping and trimming complicated surfaces, and I always have lots of memory allocated to VW (I wish I had enough to allocate 100 MB!) By the way, I'm pretty sure that an "Error Type 2" is a memory (RAM) error (i.e. it ran out).

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I havent had your problem but I'm concerned by the fact that some people are using 100MB of ram for vectorworks. I often work on drawings as large as 3-6 MB an I have approx. 30-40MB at most allocated to VW and I dont have any memory problems. I have some 3-D models with file sizes of 10 mb and I can work on them without problems. So could Some one from VW advise us on how much ram to allocate under normal conditions?

Also is your Virtural Memory on. I have a G4 400 with OS9 and 256MB of ram. I had all kinds of problems until I turned off my VM. Since then VW has been relativly trouble free.

Good Luck

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Originally posted by mjsullivan:

By the way, I'm pretty sure that an "Error Type 2" is a memory (RAM) error (i.e. it ran out).

Just for the record, it's an "address error" which means that the processor tried to access memory using an illegal address. This might come about as the result of some low memory situation, but there are also other possibilities. System error 25 is actually an "out of memory" error.

Caleb Strockbine


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i am also running VW on a g-4 450 mhz os 9.04 And get error type 2 errors this morning VW was just running in the background and crashed i also get type 4 crashes when I try to print on some devices but only occasionally the strangest is when VW forces a restart when plotting off my old G-3 if i do not save page setup before plotting



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