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Vectorworks 12 not officially supported with Mac OS X Leopard?

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You are missing my point. It doesn't take an hour's worth of time running 12.5.2 on Leopard to know that it has serious problems. It probably doesn't take 5 minutes. Leopard is a major OS launch for Apple and if you think for one minute that the Mac faithful weren't going to install this the minute they got their hands on it you are delusional.

Yes Francois freely admits that he's learned his lesson but he also freely admits that he is pissed. He is now a pissed-off NNA customer. As a CAD manager it is your job to be careful about these things. Not so with the common user base.

Apple's following is largely due to a relatively effortless user experience and that is what they expect. This problem had to be known by NNA and they should have warned people about it the same way they warned people by email about their efforts on 2008.

Many hours of lost time and many hard feelings towards NNA could have been avoided.

Sorry, but they were wrong in their failure to address this.

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dear Petri

there is a german word for the joy you seem to have at other peoples rather sincere problems

"schadefreude" if don't know what it means look it up under google.

Have you ever worked with MiniCad 3. I have and there where more problems with it then anyone can imagine today. So its rather a setback to find yourself back in those days when things went seriously wrong most of the time. Some people here actually are living in a world where most new things actually do work like 95% of the apps on my system under Leopard. NNA could have warned people on a larger scale then they did and might have saved a good bunch of people a lot of time.

Obviously if you had worked at NNA you would have approached your customers with the same contempt as you do here on the forum. I am sure NNA is more professional and will address this issue as soon as possible. They will probably see the difference between the days of Minicad 3 and todays 12.5.2

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When one User suffers ... we all suffer... that's just the way it is.

Who amongst us has not experienced similar confusion, aggravation, and frustration.

These forums are designed to assist with both the day-to-day technological problems

as well as the larger issues of application and adaptation.

Missteps are a fact of life ... sharing the details ... helps others to avoid the pitfuls and to possibly make different choices.

I for one applaud those who openly share their successes and their failures with the community. Failures are never pleasant for anyone to experience or to express.

As for Petri-san ... his style is uniquely antipathetic ... but ...also a blessing in disguise. He seems to have a habit of reminding us all of our human frailties.

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"schadefreude" if don't know what it means look it up under google.

It's Schadenfreude... My German is at least adequate.

And yes, I also started with MiniCAD 3.

My apologies for having experience in systems management and forward planning. Computers used to earn a livelihood should not be used for experimentation.

EDITed for clarity = quote added

Edited by Petri
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thanks Islandmon,

people like petri are found all over DPreview these days, any problem that comes up is within hours kneedeep in "I told you so's" by posters who never have any solution or actual helpfull experience at hand.

My computers are used on a daily basis to experiment and give me a plentyful livelihood. I hope NNA has a lot more understanding for the way people work than Petri does.

Well, I am back now in 10.4 and as soon as VW2008 comes in I go for Leopard again. I was happy here to read about the typical problems with 12.5.2 and Leopard so that I knew it was a common problem not a result of my system. Thanks to my experiments I have a reached a level with VW, Sketchup and Maxwell that most do not equal. I always reach out and this time I burned my fingers a little, saw some others did too, my sympathy goes to them for the hours lost, we will survive ...lol. I am sure NNA is on our side.

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Well, well... After the fact it is somewhat difficult to offer other kind of help. Did you come here and ask beforehand?

Would it have helped you if I had commiserated? It would have? Well, here we go: Ooh, aah, how terrible, how frustrating! NNA is to be blamed - how can they do things like this! How unlucky you are, you've done nothing wrong! My heart is bleeding for you! There. Now you must feel a lot better. But did it solve the situation?

OK: I'll give proactive advice for the future. Have a separate partition or an external hard disc for installing new OS versions and new software. In a larger firm, one can even have a dedicated computer for things like this.

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you have a sense of humor ...good.

and your help is appreciated, I think to have a dedicated computer works best since I hardly see the use of having all systems partioned just for updated OS.

I tried to install my previous OSX on my macpro at work on a seperate harddrive but it faild, my install CD's let me know they could not install on the choosen harddrive (firewire). I was actually hoping to run 10.4 temporarely on a seperate harddisk until VW08 came in. So my time installing Leopard would not have been waisted and I could run VW12.5 for a while using the external harddisk. I am using RAID1 on internal harddisks and so I thought maybe I can split the RAID into just two harddrives, keep Leopard on one and on the other one I install 10.4. I don't know if I can "ungroup" the RAID while running my OS on it to have two harddrives. Well, I don't have a system manager her at my small company so I suppose I am going to have to overwrite Leopard with he previous system.

Anyhow Petri, your help is appreciated as long as its practical.

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