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Duplicate plugin objects

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This may be a wish list item but does anyone know if it is possible to duplicate a plug-in window or door in a wall instead of having to initiate the window tool and setting your prefs again.

My issue is if you have several different window objects and you want to duplicate one you either have to set the tool up again with all the correct attributes, or you have to pull one out of a wall, duplicate it and then reinsert the origional back into the wall.

Am I missing something or is this how it's done.


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You could change the object into a symbol. Put as many of them in your drawing as you want with the added advantage of being able to attach records to them and/or import them into other drawings.Select the object (in or out of the wall) then select Create Symbol (which is under Organize on my menue bar)and follow the dialog.

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Originally posted by MikeB:

Yes but I like the freedom of being able to edit the attributes. It seems there should be a way to duplicate an object in a wall the same way you can duplicate a symbol.

If you are using VectorWorks 8.5.x you can create it as a "red" symbol which will change to the original plug-in when you place it in the document.


With the plug-in selected, choose "Create Symbol". Then click the Options and select the checkbox: Convert to Plug-in Object.

Then open the object browser, select the symbol with the name you gave it and clickity click click you have many of the same window.


The object browser is a great tool for selecting the symbol you want.

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