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Paste in center of screen

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Why doesn't the 'Paste' command paste the object in the center of the screen anymore? It could do it in MC, but not in VW. It seems like such a minor thing, but I used it so frequently, and now, objects often end up OFF the screen. I guess this is half a tech question, and half a wishlist item. Help?!?

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It doesn't paste it in the center of the screen anymore, it pastes it at the location of the last mouse click. It is marginally nore useful than before, but requires that mouse click to locate the paste.

It would REALLY be more useful if you could click on a point on an object to select it, copy it, then when pasting it somewhere the object would be pasted with the SELECTED POINT, instead of the center of the bounding box, at the new mouse click location. I think ClarisCad used to do this

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Thanks so much for your reply -- I won't be pulling my hair out anymore... I must say, however, that whether or not this new function is 'more useful' depends on one's personal experience. I'd still rather have it the old way, or perhaps the way you said you wished it was.

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So this is how it?s supposed to work now, I assumed it was a bug!

Paste in center of screen seems to be the most useful to me. This would mean that the pasted object appears wherever you are zoomed in without the unneccesary extra click.


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For what it's worth, VectorWorks will still paste an object in the center of the screen if point where you last clicked is off the screen. You can take advantage of this behavior easily by zooming in once before pasting (use command-1 to zoom in), then pasting, and finally zooming out.

Or, if you'd prefer to have the old behavior all the time without having to zoom at all, you could easily write a short VectorScript menu command that does a paste and then moves the selected objects to the center of the screen. (There's a 'GetVCenter()' routine in VectorScript that will be helpful.)

Caleb Strockbine


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