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Vectorworks and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

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Thanks Andrew.

As I understand it (and I have a high likellyhood of being wrong), 32 bit apps have 4 gigs to work with but 1.5 gigs are reserved for the system. My question is if they are operating in a 64 bit environment, does the 1.5 gig overhead for the system go away leaving you with more to work with?

Thanks again for the reply.


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Received Leopard family pack this morning and I just installed it on one of my Macs, a 24" iMac. I have opened several of my VW Archi 12.5.2 files. They open and look the same as in Tiger. Of course I have not checked everything in the half hour I have been looking at it. I will post any problems I encounter over the next day or two. I will not install Leopard in the other Macs until I am comfortable with how it works. I will say I am very impressed with how smoothly the installation of Leopard went. 48 minutes and so far have found everything I have looked at work just fine.

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I just installled Leopard and now I see on my screen different attributes for my fills and line patterns.

My system:

Macbook pro duo core, 2Gb RAM and VW 12.5 latest 12.5 version.

Depending on quartz filter on or of I get strange and rather ugly pattern for polygons with fills, or any filled surface. I also see a dotted patern when panning my drawing within the window. It seems there is a problem with the graphic card or the OS and VW. Just now I have Leopard running I get this problem.

Anybody has the same problem or seen any different pattern effects or line aribute behavior ?

Thanks for any help, Francois

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Bob at GDA. I am also a user since Minicad circa 1990. Here is a little more info. After an hour and a half with Leopard and VW 12.5.2 I have found a couple of concerns. On some of my files the ruler at the top of screen shows a pattern or hatch that covers the values. The left ruler is ok and on some the top ruler is ok as well. Also troubling is when drawing the created line is intermittent and nearly invisible at times. When you release the mouse it is just fine. For instance when drag drawing a rectangle the far sides do not show or at times show as fine dotted lines as you drag.

Also Renderworks seems to work well in all my projects that I have checked. I design cabins and interior built-in furniture by the way.

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That does not look good. How is printing, its midnight here in Europe so i am no longer at my office. I am afraid I can't print my files with Leopard and VW 12.5.2

On screen here at home on my MAcbook Pro my files look very bad. I always use lots of patterns, as well as for lines and surfaces. I wonder if this problem is also present in VW 08.

Hope a fix is soon ready otherwise it might be best advise not to upgrade to Leopard yet for VW 12.5 users. For me this is basically unworkable. For instance my dotted lines have become invisible, those I use for my system guide lines.

I wonder if there is also an easy way to downgrade to my previous OSX.

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I printed one of my files, not big file like Bob's, mine are usually only 25MB or so. It looks just fine from my color laser. I am lucky, I never use hatches or patterns as fills, almost always solids for 2D with image textures for 3D rendering. That seems to work ok as far as I have gone. About you going back to Tiger, I think a sure way would be to back up all your data files on another hard disk and erase your Mac disk and start Tiger with clean install. That should be he worst case. Let's hope VW makes the fixes in VW 12.5 for Leopard instead.

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Well, the problem seems to concentrate to the attribute palette. Half of the patterns is gone and then obviously the files look bad. I do mostly 2D work with VW and so this is a disaster. I will surely have to backup my stuff and install 10.4 again.

To all you out there happy to receive Leopard in the mail:


Wish I had know. Wonder why no one at Nemetchek saw this. Its very obvious even within a minute of testing....or did I not read the forum well enough. Well, lesson learn again not install anything new untill it has at least half a year of exposure on the market. Thanks for anyone who has a fix.

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So sorry for your troubles. It is clear from the topic that was posted today titled "VectorWorks and Mac OS X Leopard Compatibility Statement" that they do know it now. I agree that they should have sent out a huge warning on this subject. 12.5.2 has to be their largest installed base on the Mac and for them to ignore this is baffling.

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Look, I agree with you if you think it's prudent that NNA provide an update for v12.5.2 users who want to upgrade to Leopard, but it's just plain foolish to run headlong into a operating system upgrade of any kind without first checking that critical software is compatible.

As Francois freely admits, he's learnt his lesson.

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