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extruded objects in plan view

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I know this is really fundamental question but I can't easily find the answer. While drawing 2d project I wish to extrude some objects (I'm doing some urban design)to have a nice 3d model. Is there a way to have a polygon with solid hatch visible as a plane while in 3d view? And when I extrude object it loses it's colour/hatch properties in plan view while I'd like it to be still a 2d object in plan view and 3d object in 3d view (I bet it has something to do with hybrid objects...).

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Create a hybrid object -

Create the polygon. Apply a hatch to this

Duplicate the polygon and extrude the duplicate.

While you can't apply a hatch to a 3D object, you can create a texture (if you have RW) from an image of the hatch, and apply that texture to the extrude.

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You can do it with hybrids. Create your 2D object with the hatch. Duplicate it. Extrude it to Z=? Select the original 2D object and the extruded object and then select "Create Symbol" (under the Modify menu). This creates a hybrid. In top/plan view you see the 2d object. In any 3d view you see the extruded object. Hope this helps!

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Hatch, schmatch. Why can't it be a colour fill? Avoid extrusions as plague. Not that a floor would be particularly easy to edit, but at least it is possible.

Draw a polygon, say "Let there be a Floor..."

Maybe the Massing Model object would do it too? (I have no idea what it does as I have my own parametric building object - for urban design projects...)

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