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Installed SP1, now won't start



Hello All and Katie,

Trying to fix another issue, I downloaded SP1 and (after a few glitches) was able to get it successfully installed (The "Successful installation" box came up and I restarted my machine). I tried to start up the program...I double clicked on the icon, the VW splash screen comes up, the workspace appears for a *second*, then it just quits...just VW, not my computer. I get the same results when starting VW by itself or double clicking on a drawing file.

I contacted tech support last night and I cleaned out my workspaces folder in this directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Nemetschek\VectorWorks\2008\Workspaces

That did not work. He also had me download and install QT 7.2. That did not work either. I'm really in a tight spot here! Is there any sort of log file I could send or look at to see what is going on? I have a busy day of carving trees out of blocks of foam so I don't have a lot of time to sit with tech support on the phone!

As always, any help is truly appreciated!


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yesterday, the 18th, was the first day we had the E-Series available for Windows, so I wanted to make sure you downloaded the updater yesterday if you have an E-Series. Your best bet is to email the log file directly to tech@nemetschek.net.

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Good tip, Kevin.

You may also need to delete the registry keys. Before doing this, keep your serial number handy.

I've posted this elsewhere, or I can write up the steps here... after making sure you downloaded/installed the EDU SP 1 from yesterday.

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