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trouble editing VP on Design Layer

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I've created a Viewport of a Main Story Plan (walls only) and placed it on a Design Layer. I intend the VP to serve as an underlay for this Design Layer which will contain framing information. To do this, I click-select my VP, then click on Classes and make invisible the inner lines of the walls. I then click on Wall-Exterior choice, highlighting it. This action causes the Edit button to become solid, and I click to enter the Graphic Attributes dialog box to edit those walls within my VP. I edit the line style to dashed but in returning to my Viewport, see that no change has taken place. What am I doing wrong here?


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i really like design layer viewports. At first I was unsure about whether they would be useful, but I?m just updating my architect tutorial manual and I've used design layer viewports instead of layer linking. what I really like is the ability to turn off classes in the viewport and the ability to turn off layers.

While i was adding a road to my site model i wanted to see just the lower floor. With a viewport you can turn off all the other layers when you don?t need them and turn them back on when you do.

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