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Strange Printing Errors VW 2008



I've looked around at all the posts on printing errors associated with VW 2008 and haven't yet seen this problem or any suggestions on how to fix. I am using an HP Photosmart C6150 to print my smaller 8.5x11 designs. I have no problems printing from any other program or from VW 12.52. The specific error I am receiving after sending the design to the printer is "Error- Clear Paper Jam, Press OK when jam is cleared"....this displays on the printer and on my PC. The funny thing is that I can just press OK without opening and clearing anything and the paper will come out. Something else interesting is that on every attempted print from VW 2008 an indention in the paper always results in the same spot, but it is only when I print from VW 2008, all the other programs do not have this outcome. I can actually hear something different when VW 2008 is trying to print that does not occur any other time. It is very strange. Anyways, here is what I have tried so far...

448kb file (one small tree symbol)-both rasterized and unrasterized, spooling enabled

Blank document- both rasterized and unrasterized, spooling enabled

The unrasterized settings do work correctly on my HP Designjet 500 plotter, but the rasterized setting does not print anything. My smaller printer is a network printer on a wireless print server. I appreciate any help and advice on this matter.

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