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I'm learning VW using Janis Kent's "The Works Tutorial," and I have what appears to be the same problem posted 4/19 as "Help-can't import symbols": When I open the Resources Palette and select a file from the dropdown list in order to see or edit symbols by double-clicking the file name or by clicking on Enter, I can look at symbols ONLY from files that are NOT opened. If I select an open VW file (the active file or any other open file) and try to obtain its list of symbols, nothing happens. I've checked this problem by opening and closing files in many combinations, and the problem is consistent. (I can look at all symbols using the Object Browser, but that window doesn't allow for editing symbols.) Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help.

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Make sure you've got either "Symbols" or "All types" selected in the Show: popup menu below the main pane in the Resource palette. This menu lets you filter the resources by type, so if you've got something else chosen you'll see only the resources of the chosen type.

Caleb Strockbine

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You can only edit symbols in the active document. So make sure the symbol you want to edit is in to the active document then use the pulldown menu on the resoures pallet. look at the bottom of the list and you will see the active document listed, don't browse through your hard drive for it, you need to select it at the bottom of the pull down menu. Then you should be able to edit. Also I don't think you can edit by double clicking. you should have an edit button on the right side of the resourse pallett. If you dont, expand the window so you do, and use this edit button.

If this dosent work, I don't know.

Good Luck

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Mike, your reply solved my problem. I am working with a series of files in a folder called "Experiments," and each time I opened the Resources Palette I selected and navigated into that folder, producing an alphabetical list of its files; it was from this list that I couldn't open the symbols for an open file. But if I leave the dropdown file list as it first appears, my open files appear (as you said) at the bottom of the, and I can look at their symbols normally, and edit them. Many thanks!(I should mention that now I do find this clue in a diagram in Janis's book, p. 98, where obviously I hadn't paid sufficient attention.)

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Thanks, Caleb, but the problem seems to lie elsewhere;I always keep "All Types" highlighted in the Show: options part of the Resources Palette window. No matter what may be highlighted there, nothing at all happens when I select an open file in the dropdown list and try to view its symbols by double-clicking the selected file name. Any further suggestions will be most appreciated!(I have VW 8.5.2 with VA and VW Essentials 1.3 installed.)

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