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3DConnexion SpaceNavigator driver in v13

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I don't have VW 2008 yet, so I can't try it. That sounds similar to the way C4D works. C4D comes with a pre-installed plug in that controls the Space Navigator and unless you open it the way you would a palette in VW, nothing happens. This plug in provides the interface to adjust the SN in C4D. I'm not familiar with that demo and the movie on the VW website doesn't explain how or if you can adjust the SN.

Katie, any suggestions?


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I have some limited functions in VW 12.5. I can pan L & R, and toggle the zoom on & off with the left SN button. The zoom reacts to the position of the cursor.

Katie, is the VW website demo a realistic presentation of how the SN works in 2008? Is it a Windows Mac thing? Christian seems to very limited functions and no way to adjust them. It seems that I can do more with an unsupported version. Why is that a wish list item and not a bug?


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I don't think those capabilities were added to space navigator support this time around - probably due to time constraints.

Christian says:

" I can't pan in 2D or 3D and I can't zoom in 2D or 3D."

The New Features movie I mentioned would lead one to believe that he can do these things. There was time to create the sales pitch, but not the actual function?


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I incorrectly phrased my statement. The SPACE NAVIGATOR has the support, but VW does not offer the technology at the current time.

The original concept with using the Space Navigator was to use it in a 3D model for doing walkthrus and panning. I do not believe it was anticipated for 2D navigation controls over the mouse.

The time allotments for features vs. movies is completely different, and done by completely separate teams. I don't feel your statement is a fair statement.

I think what Christiaan is looking for is the same functionality he has with SketchUP. But as has been mentioned, not all the functionality is present with VectorWorks 2008. And I don't expect the current implementation to the be the end of Space Navigator support. Like most features/technology, it's an evolution process.

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Perhaps it was not a fair statement on my part, but I would rather have a clear description of what I'm getting. The word support can mean different things to different users. It seems that the lack of a complete description of how VW works with the SN has led to some confusion on the part of current or potential users. Is it limited to the three functions described in the movie and is there any way to modulate its sensitivity?

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Further thoughts:

1. Purchase for VW only? No, since it only works as a flyover/walkthrough tool. If you use Cinema4D, Google Earth, yes.

2. I think the reason that I am able to pan & zoom where Christian is not is a Windows/Mac issue. 3dconnexion provides a legacy software (3DxOffice Plug-in) for Windows only that allows pan, scroll and zoom operations for "2D" applications. These functions would probably have to be added by NNA.

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I have to say I feel a little cheated. I should have guessed when the 3DConnexion guy at the London conference did a demo in SketchUp but not in VectorWorks 2008. And I should have paid more attention to the movie demo on NNA's website.

The SpaceNavigator support in v13.0.0 is what I would call rudimentary. 3D-only support means the device just clutters my desk space. It defeats the purpose of this device if it only works in 3D (and not that smoothly either). The point is to move all movement of the workspace/object to the non-dominant hand so the right hand can get on with the work.

If you were going to buy one of these for VW my advice is to hold off until the device is fully supported.

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The SN does exactly what you describe in C4D. I think that the restrictive hybrid 2D/3D environment in VW will limit the usefulness of the SN.

I have reconsidered and feel that my earlier comments were fair and this comment makes me think twice about upgrading soon.

"The time allotments for features vs. movies is completely different, and done by completely separate teams."

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I was responding to this statement "There was time to create the sales pitch, but not the actual function?"

I don't think that's a fair statement to make. It's like comparing apples to cars.

If you feel it's fair, that's your opinion.

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Nothing personal, I was expressing disappointment in the way this new feature was presented. There have been posts over the years by users stating that they would like to see stability and speed take precedence over new feature that are not quite "ready for prime time". I also understand there is pressure to add features to make a new release sound irresistible (not unlike a new car). As a long time VW user, I'd like to see new features clearly defined on NNA's website. In this case a couple of quick sentences clarifying what was meant by "support" would have prevented this misunderstanding.


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Couldn't agree w you more. I just got a SN, fortunately a loan to try before I buy. The guys at Vectorfest said that VW2008 and SN would work together, yet there is hardly any functionality, and there is NO info from VW on how to seamlessly integrate it into VW. The only discussion or info I could find is this thread.

Don't tout that it works when it doesn't.

Also, I agree that NNA would much better serve their users by having a solid, robust product that's fast and crashproof than adding features just to sell product. The amount of time I've lost trying to solve crash problems has outweighed the cost of the product vs AutoCad enormously! I could have bought ALL of Autodesk's products and still come out ahead of VW. I'm very disheartened.

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I have been considering purchasing a SpaceNavigator but after reading this post it seems pretty useless with VW in it's current form. I thought the point of the SN was to increase productivity (see attached), not simply a fun way to navigate 3D. Glad I ran into this post before purchase. Please let me know when you plan to fully support this product.

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I just purchased Vectorworks 2008 and a 3D Connexion Space Navigator PE....The Space Navigator is setup and functioning, but will NOT work at all in VW2008...

3D Connexion says VW2008 is not supported and I can't find any documentation on setup of of the device in VW...

What am I missing???? Is there is acontrol panel in VW??

Please Help

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