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VectorWorks Slow with Imported Bitmap Image

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I recently imported an image file (PC bitmap) produced from an old hand drawn architectural into VectorWorks version 8.5.2. the image file size was 3.8 MB, (PC hardward Pentium 2 266 Mhz with 96 MB ram) this was done so that I could trace around the image and therby coverting it into a VectorWorks file ie a manual vectorisation of the bitmap.

Vectorworks, disappointingly, was so slow in respond ie screen redraws, drawing tool response was so slow, rendering the task futile. The same task was then done in AutoCad 14. AutoCad zapped along, zoom, pan, and tool response was quick. Why is VectorWorks so bad at this task? Why would AutoCad be so much faster? Note I have recently converted the bitmap to a PICT, however, there is no noticeable change in VectorWorks response.

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Images can be slow in VW however a couple of ideas to try.

Try to keep all images as jpeg's as this format is way smaller in size than any other.

If its 3.8 as bmp it could be as small as .5 as a jpeg.

Keep resolution as minimum as possible!

If its a pict then " import pict as picture"

seems to be quicker than " import image file "



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