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VW 2008 Rotated Rectangles?

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With the new way VW 2008 manages rotated rectangles, rectangles rotated 90 degrees do not show any dimensional change in width and height, but they do show the 90 degree rotation in the OIP. This is all fine and good until I try and change the rectangle's dimensions in the OIP relative to a certain corner. That doesn't work. It makes the changes relative to the non rotated corner. Is there some quick way to convert a 90 degree rotated rectangle to a non rotated rectangle so the width and height display properly as shown on the screen? In VW 2008 I see only two ways to do this. One way is to manually invert the width and height in the OIP, and then change the rotation to 0 degrees. The other way is to redraw the rectangle completely.

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I'm a programmerjack and I'm not OK! (This is what they sing every morning at NNA's Morning Sessions.)

They should've seen this coming. There are people whose designs are just plain rectilinear boxes. For the twisted & oblique designers like yours truly, this is a great new feature. The ramifications of what you are after would, by and large, negate the progress.

Just get used to it. A true Rotated Rectangle was my first PIO after the relevant object type was introduced in 2000.

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It seems it would be wise to avoid rotating rectangles 90? (if possible) and resize them in OIP instead.

Two steps forward for some and one backward for others. Sounds like the rectangle tool now needs a mode button or two, or a different design. This new feature's been on the wishlist for years, but maybe the implimentation isn't there.

The shortcut that Bruce (and others) want might be a negate rotate button in the OIP that simple says "this rectangle is no longer rotated, and behaves as such".

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I found that if I convert a rotated rectangle to a polygon, then the OIP works to change the height and width. It displays the info as delta X and delta Y. I understand the value of knowing the dimensions of a non 90 degree rotated rectangle and it's rotation degrees, but I don't understand the value of knowing that a rectangle has been rotated 90 degrees. In that case I think VW should invert the dimensions and call the rotation 0 degrees. Can anyone suggest a situation where a person needs to know a rectangle has been rotated 90 degrees?

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It depends. Now, I know little about drafting; I'm approaching this from modelling point of view. (Yes, one can model with rectangles!)

A rectangle may represent something of fixed dimensions - even a two-by-four. It may be rotated, say, 89.999?, 90? or 90,001?. These all may, through display settings, appear as 90?.

Can anyone suggest a reason for omitting the rotation in certain angles? For the 2x4, I prefer to know if it is on its side, so even 90? rotation may well be information, perhaps even passed as numeric data to some other program (or a VectorScript even).

I'd hate to deal with three rotated rectangles, two of them saying that the rotation angle is 90?, one saying nothing.

I guess this is one of the situations when old hands want to stick to their bad habits (caused by bad programming until now) and the infamous "what they know". Similarities with the Attribute Palette thread: the Luddite Empire Strikes Back, huh?

Hey, this is actually true Progress! One of these decades, we may even have a decent CAD-program.

(Let me see... my wish list - ahh, there... implemented features... let's assume an 18 month cycle - some point-fives have been significant... no, some full versions haven't...)

OK, folks: by 2180 (? 20 years) VectorWorks can finally compete with leading CAD-software of 2007. Unless the Luddites win, of course.

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